Pool season was discovered in International waters in June 1970, and the Club experience changed for good, and for the better. From that first plunge, swim teams found their lanes, kids found their forms, and summer vacation had a convenient new getaway. It’s an experience we’ve leaned into ever since. From Memorial Day through September, the pool is the main event, the family favorite, the seasonal highlight…and where you want to be.

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We have all your needs for the ideal day spent poolside. Towel service, complimentary lockers, and shower facilities. A snack bar with a large bar and dining area. Programming and festivities guaranteed to create more memories. And of course, the pool itself: a 25-meter Junior Olympic-sized oasis with a zero-grade entrance, multiple fountains, and a temperature set to perfection.

poolside snacks

Our youth swim team has been breaking its own Dominion Country Club League records since the league’s formation in 1972. The rich history of the Gators expands each summer as children of all ages compete for the Club – and for each other. Personal bests today, world records tomorrow.

the gators

Center yourself in the Club’s Fitness Center, home to favorite new weekly routines. Here, stress vanishes into yoga mats, Zumba beats, Pilates machines, bootcamp motivation, and fellow Member empowerment in a boutique studio setting. Modern equipment is in abundance and personal fitness is on-demand.